More Than Playing Dress Up

Our students have boxes of treasures for rainy days.  During indoor recess, the adults step back and watch the imagination and interaction swirl around the room.  One child often builds a barn out of Lincoln Logs, complete with tiny plastic horses exercising in the corrals. A stuffed dog becomes a ferry traversing over icy waters in Antarctica. Playing cards become a road weaving through this Kindergarten Village of dolls who are babysat by the fire chief at the Lego formed firehouse.IMG_20180516_104142541.jpg

But first, the wardrobes must be assembled.  Scarves, kitchen towels, and scraps of material are tied or clipped together.  Layers and layers of color wrap around tiny bodies fit for a royal court.

In the beauty created we see the Gospel:  Christ’s bride made beautiful.

Video: John Piper on “Jesus Died for Her Beauty”