Goings On @ MCS

October 22, 2021

World Culture Day: students will wear international costumes and travel the world. Come prepared to tell us something about the country you represent! School will begin at normal time, and festivities will be from 10:00-12:30. Early Dismissal @ 12:30 Students need to bring a snack but will leave before lunch.

October 29, 2021

Early Dismissal @ 12:30 Students need to bring a snack but will leave before lunch.

November 1&2, 2021

No school: Teacher Work Day and Voting Day

November 12, 2021

We are having an Asynchronous Learning Day! Students can learn about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello with their family at home by doing a special project… or…

The family can join other MCS families at Monticello!

Monticello has changed its options for the Self Guided Tours… but, no fear!  We DO have two options!

******First, your family can choose a Highlights Tour with a tour guide.  Look for the 10:30 or 10:45 tours.  This is a 45 minute tour.  Our students and younger siblings are free!  You will get to see Thomas Jefferson’s inventions in his house!   https://www.monticello.org/visit/tickets-tours/monticello-highlights-tour/

*******Another option is the Garden and Grounds Tour.  Look for the 10:30 or 11:00 slot. You can’t go into the house, but there are many things you can enjoy! https://tickets.monticello.org/webstore/shop/viewItems.aspx?cg=STF&c=GGP

  • Meet Thomas Jefferson (most Tuesdays-Saturdays)
  • Guided Gardens & Grounds Tour
  • Guided Slavery at Monticello Tour
  • Mobile Scavenger Hunt for Families
  • Exhibits at the Visitor Center
  • Thomas Jefferson’s World Introductory Film

Either way, teachers will arrive around 10:00 (a new time!).  You can get there earlier, of course! At 12:30 anyone who would like, can meet back down at the visitor’s center for a picnic.  (You CAN eat at the top of the mountain if you would like to purchase food or if you want to carry your lunch.) 

This day is designed to be a “together”ish fieldtrip.  We have a variety of families with different aged children.  Choose what is best for your family.  It will be fun to pass each other as we all explore, but we will not be side-by-side the whole time. Even though teachers will be around enjoying watching you and your child learn, this is not a traditional field trip. The students will ride with parents and will stay with their families throughout the day.

You can carpool with other families or just meet there.  Here is a link to the dos and don’ts. https://www.monticello.org/visit/tips-for-visiting/do-s-don-ts/


We will have printed booklets for the students, but you might also want to download the scavenger hunt on your phone. https://hunt.monticello.yourcultureconnect.com/

November 22-26

Thanksgiving break will be for the full week of Thanksgiving.

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