An Exclamation-Mark Sort of Day

Our morning message greeted us with a list of some of the things we were going to do. Normally, we save these messy-crazy-wild stuffs for our Fabulous Fridays. But every-once-in-a-while you need a cold, wet, dreary February Tuesday to be fabulous, too.

When one of our littles read the message, she commented with, “Well, that’s a lot of exclamation marks, there!” Another said under his breath, “This is going to be the best day ever!”

So we did it. Mr. Fretwell, our favorite scientist, taught us about chemical reactions. The candy really did make the soda erupt! We watched a rocket take off because of the pressure from a reaction, and our volcano oozed forth its lava.

Mrs. Comer helped our littles cook up a delicious luncheon to serve on Valentine’s day for our loved ones.

With Pastor Kris, we built some fabulous structures using Tinker Toys, blocks, sticks, and Legos.

We also created the textured skin of reptiles with Mrs. Bavetz and a whole lot of paint.

Will the students remember all of this? Maybe. Maybe bits of it. Maybe these memories will get swirled around and around and mixed with other years, other activities, other adventures. And will they remember these names? The names of these people who love them well and take time to serve them by helping them investigate the world God has made?

Well, maybe those will get swirled too. But, what they won’t forget is the love these people are showing them. It is no little thing to play blocks with a child, to show them how baking soda and vinegar mix, to wipe paint off a little girl’s face, to be so not in a rush that a child can oil the pan.

This is the stuff of love.

Thank you to the family of servants who love our students well.

-Mrs. Sumner