Fantastic February

Here are our February newsletters!

February 1, 2019

Do you know anything about King Tut?  I do!

Buried in gold in the Valley of the Kings

Pharaoh Tutankhamun died at 18

After ten years of ruling in 1323

King Tut was found by Carter in 1920… (+2)

This week we read one of Mrs. Sumner’s favorite Bible stories.  It’s about three men who go through something really dangerous. They know God can save them… but even if He doesn’t, they will still worship Him! You can read the story in the 3rd chapter of Daniel.

In PE we’ve been playing Pac Man in the gym.  You don’t want to get caught by the person with the balloon! Here are the rules:

  1. Walk on the lines.
  2. If you get tagged, sit on the line.
  3. If someone is blocking your path, turn around.

It is so fun.  You have to do a lot of thinking!

February 8, 2019

On Monday we celebrated our 100th day of school!  We made a centipede counting to 100. We made crowns with 100 stickers as we counted by 10s.  Counting by 5s, we stamped 100 stamps. We ate 100 snacks and exercised our way to 100 several times.

Do you know the Roman Numeral for 100?  It’s a C! That’s easy to remember when you think of C being “cents”.  In Latin, centi means 100. So, when you have 100 cents, you get one dollar!

We are learning about a new group of animals: reptiles!  Reptiles are cold blooded, have hard eggs, and crawl on their tummies.

This week we learned about Queen Esther in the Bible.  She was brave. Even when something was hard and dangerous, she did the right thing.  Because of that, she saved her people. Wow!

We also are starting a very special type of stories: myths!  A myth answers the question, “Why are things they way they are?” Mrs. Sumner wrote a little essay about why our school teaches myths.  You can find it on our website under “Myths and More.”

February 15, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Week!  We had so much fun getting ready for our “You have a pizza my heart” Valentine’s Luncheon. We made heart shaped pizzas, garlic bread, and chocolate-chip-cookie-pizzas.  We also made paper flowers and streamers. It was a lot of work to move chairs, decorate the tables, and get other things ready… but it was worth it! We loved saying, “I love you” in many ways to our guests.

But it wasn’t just Thursday’s luncheon that was special. On Tuesday, we had a special day with some of our favorite volunteers!

Mr. Fretwell, our favorite scientist, taught us about chemical reactions. The candy really did make the soda erupt! We watched a rocket take off because of the pressure from a reaction, and our volcano oozed forth its lava. Mrs. Comer helped us cook for our Valentine’s luncheon. With Pastor Kris, we built some fabulous structures using Tinker Toys, blocks, sticks, and Legos. We also created the textured skin of reptiles with Mrs. Bavetz and a whole lot of paint.

We love school.  And we love learning.  And we love that learning looks a lot like real life here at Mineral Christian School!

To celebrate our love of learning, Mrs. Sumner made us a Valentine’s workbook!  We had so much fun. We would start the page with the whole class. Then, we would have time later to finish it by ourselves!

Mrs. Sumner is letting us bring them home, even though we didn’t have to finish them.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll pull it out again on a day when I want to “play school.” But, I don’t need to bring it back.

February 22, 2019

We loved the snow in the middle of the week!

This week was a week of getting our feet back on the ground after last week’s business.  We read a lot of books together. We played games together. We practiced three words that are very close in spelling AND in meaning!

here there where

March 1, 2019

This has been a really great week.  We started the week by reading a book called, “Green Eggs and Ham.”  It only has 50 words even though it is a pretty long book! Mrs. Sumner made cards with the 50 words.  We got to arrange them to re-create sentences from the book. But, more fun than that, we then made our own sentences!  And they were really great!

We also wrote our own story using great rhyming words:

Do you like green eggs and ham?

You could eat them with toast and jam.

Would you eat them on a clock?

Would you eat them on a block?

Would you, could you on a table?

Would you, could you in a stable?

Would you eat them in a church?

Would you eat them on a perch?

Would you, could you with an alligator?

Would you, could you on an escalator?

Would you eat them in a bank?

Would you eat them in a fish tank?

Would you, could you with Sam and Omie?

They would be good in your tummy!

(Sam and Omie are Mrs. Sumner’s dogs!  Sam would love to eat green eggs and ham.  Omie, would only eat the ham.)

We learned this week about metamorphosis and frogs!  We even practiced drawing frogs.We also read the REAL Beauty and the Beast.  Wow! Wow! Wow!

This week and next week are Show-What-You-Know weeks!  That means we each get time with Mrs. Sumner one-on-one to show her what we know.  We do the same things a few times a year. Mrs. Sumner then gets to see what we know, and what she still needs to teach us.  She is very impressed by how God has helped us learn SO MUCH this year!