Theology and the Little Things

When we think of theology, we think of seminaries and men wearing robes, doctrine tucked away in dusty books: something very different than our day-to-day real life. Yet, theology is something that governs our days – whether we know it or not.

Theology boils down to this: what do you believe about God?

At Mineral Christian School, we, see that theology is not something assigned to just Bible class. Our desire to teach students about who God is is a foundation of every lesson plan, every disciplinary discussion, every prayer, and every bit of laughter.

One of the most beautiful things we know about God is that he is a God of order and peace (1 Corinthians 14). This is why we order our classrooms with great intention. We order our days with great purpose. We order ourselves with great self-control.

And the surprising thing is, that when we live in an ordered space, an ordered day, with ordered people, we feel the peace of God.

Students thrive in this order. Of course, we also teach them to be flexible and full of grace. But, when a student walks in knowing what to expect, he feels safe. His brain doesn’t have to spend time figuring out the environment; his brain is ready to learn.

Order does that. Order helps our brain find a starting place. Words are not placed on the page every-which-way. They (in our language) are placed in a horizontal line, left to right. This order lets our brains know what to look at, what to seek.

In this training of order it is often surprising how much our students crave it. I’ve noticed that when students are working on puzzles, they are IN THEMSELVES ordering and grouping to make sense of their work. One group lines the felt pictures in alphabetical order. One group classifies the items of the word puzzles.

The world is a scary place to navigate sometimes, but putting felt pictures in ABC order or putting the food puzzles side-by-side, well. . . that’s taking the chaos and putting it right. And that is our theology of a God who takes our chaos and sets it right in Christ. Amen and Amen.