August 2019

August 9, 2019

Happy first two days of school!  We have filled the days with singing, dancing, reading, and making new friends.  And, we have been learning about the four seasons. In Latin, the four seasons are :hiems (winter), ver (spring), aestas (summer), and autumnus (fall).

We’ve been playing with fabric as we sing our Latin Seasons song.  If you are hiems, you run around the group letting the snow-white fabric cover everyone.  The ver covers the fields in new green grass. The orange aestas sun shines on everyone’s faces. The autumnus wind blows brown leaves around our hair.  We giggle and giggle and giggle and giggle as the seasons pass over our heads. This is the song from Song School Latin.

A gust of fall wind, blowing leaves,                                                        

Tells me that autumnus is here.

The white nix covers each blade of grass,

And I know that the hiems is drawing near.

The spring flowers bloom and grass turns green,

I see that the ver is on its way.

The sun beats down on the summer fields,

For the aestas has come with a sunny day.

More to learn!………………………………………………………………………………………………..
*There are two ways to pronounce Latin.  We use the classical 

pronunciation.  That means that when we see a v, we use a w sound.

* U and w came from the letter v.  In fact, some languages call w a double-v instead of a double-u.

*Doesn’t it make sense that a verdant field is alive with green growing things?

*Ver also means “truth” in Latin. Do you think there is a connection?

We have made a four seasons tree.  We worked carefully to cut out snowflakes, blossoms, and green leaves.  Then, when autumnus came, the leaves turned beautiful colors. Make sure you see our tree!

We’ve been reading beautiful books and poems about the four seasons.  Next week, we’ll be learning even more! I can’t wait.

                                                                  NOTES TO REMEMBER

Please pack your child’s snack in a separate place than in their lunchbox.  This will help the morning routine. An outside pocket of the lunchbox or backpack will allow your child to quickly find it.

Kindergarten MEDICAL FORMS & SHOT RECORDS If you haven’t turned in your medical forms and shot records, but have a scheduled doctor’s appointment, Let Mrs. Sumner know.

Water Bottle Your child needs to have a water bottle separate than their lunch drink.  This will be something they can leave at school all week. (First and Second Grade students need to be able to refill it themselves.)

Remind App We will be sending out texts about the Remind App next week.

August 16, 2019

We have enjoyed our first full week of school!  Meet our friends!

Teddy, Scarlette, Coley, Emma, Kale, Miriam, Jonah

   McKenzie, Alaina, Nadene, Logan, Esther, Wyatt

            Carrter, Anora, EllieAuna, Eli, Caroline

At lunch we have been reading Curious George books.  Curious means that you think about something and want to know more about it.  We can read books about things we’re interested in, or ask people questions, or go on exploratory adventures!

This year, we are having a classroom journal.  Right now, people fill in the blanks. This week it has said:

Today is _____________________________________________.  

The weather is ________________________. 

 I hope we have a ________________________ day.

Mrs. Sumner has words we can choose from, or we can think of our own.  When it gets filled in, it might say:

Today is Friday, August 16, 2019.

The weather is warm and muggy.

I hope we have a pleasant day.

This week we’ve started learning about Ancient Greece.  We are learning about four men: Homer, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Archimedes, Do you know what they did?  Ask me to sing my song!

We spent a lot of time thinking about antonyms this week.  Antonyms are two words that mean the opposite. We also have been diagraming a sentence every day!  We love language and figuring out how to use it well.

In math, next week, we are starting something new: Number Boxes!  Ask me about it!  

This year in science, we’ll be learning a lot about plants.  In fact, we are starting a garden!

August 23, 2019

Our garden is growing!  The plants loved having the rain!

We are growing, too.  Already, Ms. Newton and Mrs. Sumner are seeing that we are learning many things!  We are learning how to govern ourselves, enjoy friends, and read closely. We are learning how to be brave, to be an encourager, and to be diligent in all that we do.  

This week we have been talking about how to classify living things. We have been busy observing and organizing and singing this song:

If it’s alive, you will classify – and put it together with its kind.

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species: Taxonomy!

We love music, dancing, and learning songs.  One of our favorite activities is ear training on Wednesdays.  We are learning to hear a pitch and find the correct bell. We also are putting bells together to make songs.  This week, we have talked about keeping a steady beat.  

Our Literature story during lunch has been “The Travels of Babar”.  Babar, and his wife, Celeste, have many dangerous adventures. It is so fun to hear how they get saved every time!  We made a story-map. I can use the pictures to retell the story. Let’s try it!

…………………………………….A Few Details…………………………………….

*Our Back-to-School Potluck Picnic is on September 7th at 5pm.  There is a signup sheet outside the Kindergarten classroom. If you have two children at MCS, you only need to sign up once. We will send the address and directions a few days before.

*Now that the weather is cooling down (hopefully!), you might want your child to have a sweater for the classroom.  Just like shirts, they must be solid black, gray, or white (not off white). They also may be burgundy only if purchased from Lands’ End.  

*Would you like to volunteer at MCS?  Ask Mrs. Sumner for a packet and a form for a background check.

*SAVE THE DATE! As a ministry of Mineral Baptist Church, MCS receives so many generous benefits.  They are having a work day on September 21st. This would be a great way to show our thanks while helping with a honey-do list around the campus. 

August 30, 2019

Seeds-seeds-seeds-seeds-seeds!  We have read about them, planted them, counted them, graphed them, experimented with them, created with them… and we’ll keep going next week!

Counting the seeds was not easy work, which makes us think about Abraham trying to count the stars.  God told him his family would outnumber the stars! That’s a big family! There was just one problem – well, a really huge problem – he and his wife were too old to have babies.  But, we know that NOTHING is too big of a problem for God! And what do you know?! Abraham had a son! They named him Issac which means “Son of Laughter.” They were so happy!

We are memorizing a timeline of the Bible.  As we study the life of Abraham and Issac, here’s what we have memorized so far:

Now, we tell the Patriarchs’ story

How again God showed His glory

This time, choosing, a family story

Abraham, and a star- inventory

God promised to make a great nation

Isaac was a demonstration

Of God’s perfect coming salvation

Oh, yes!  The story of Abraham and Isaac got really sad for a little bit… but it is also really happy for three reasons.  First of all, Abraham showed that he loved God the most. Then, God gave them a great gift. But, the best part is that this story reminds us of another Son who DID give his life for us.  Jesus! It’s so exciting to read God’s word!


Our Back-to-School Potluck Picnic is on September 7th at 5pm.  There is a signup sheet outside the Kindergarten classroom. If you have two children at MCS, you only need to sign up once. We will send the address and directions a few days before.


Birthday season is upon us!  If you want to send in mini-treats to share at lunch, feel free!  If you need an idea, Mrs. Sumner has some. We do eat lunch all together which means there are 18 students. We don’t have any food allergy considerations.