October 2019

October 4, 2019

Boy, was this an exciting way to end an exciting week.  Of course, we did amazing things all week long – but Fabulous Friday was full of Fabulous Festivities. 

The firemen came to see us.  Don’t worry! There wasn’t a fire.  They just wanted us to see their amazing clothes, gear, and trucks.  They did talk to us about fire safety, of course. We have a safe spot to go to in case we have a fire at school.  It’s by the dog statue. The firemen asked if we had a safe spot at our houses. They also asked if we knew our home addresses. 

Mrs. Sumner was especially touched when we recognized this symbol on the EMS truck.  Did you know that is from the Bible? It’s in Numbers 21.

Our hard work in the garden has paid off.  We harvested some Swiss chard. You might be surprised at how yummy it was.  Some of us dipped it in Ranch dressing, but most of us just chowed down like little bunnies!

After an extra long recess (it was just too beautiful and cool to go inside!), we had another gathering all together.

Our older students read Elephant and Piggie books aloud.  They are so fun because the words are in speech bubbles. So, each reader gets to be a character.

One of our favorite things to do is to relax together and watch a cartoon of what happened in the Bible.  We are studying the Exodus and desert wanderings. Next week, we’ll learn how the Israelites got to the Promised Land!

At the end of the day, Ozo, our tiny robot, came out to play.  We draw his roads and he follows them!

Goodness!  It was busy.  But it was so, so, so, so good!

No school on October 14th.  All families need to sign up for a Parent-Teacher Conference!

World Culture Day is Friday, October 25th.  Students need to wear a costume from a specific culture.  Need ideas? Hawaiian*, Texas Cowboy**, Russian Ballerina, Italian Gondolier, Australian Outback Zookeeper

You are invited to Light the Night from 6-8 at Mineral Baptist Church on October 31st!

NEW TO THE CALENDAR: Early release (12:00) on Friday, November 1st!

*Yes, we realize Hawaii is not international, but we’re not being too legalistic.

**Don’t get Mrs. Sumner started on the whole history of Texas, or how it is the only state in the US that has the right to become its own coun… 

October 11, 2019

We have been celebrating finishing ¼ of the school year.  We also have been celebrating the fraction ¼. The Latin word for four is quattuor. Does that sound familiar?  To us it sounds an awful lot like quarter!  We’ve been learning about what comes in quarters: money, clocks, liquid measurements, and even musical notes.  

We noticed something else about Latin numbers this week. They sound a lot like months of the year, except, they don’t line up with our months.  That’s because there used to be a different Roman calendar with only ten months. Now that we use a twelve month calendar, they don’t match. We’ll be learning about Rome after Christmas.

One Unum

Two Duo

Three Tres

Four Quattuor

Five Quinque

Six Sex

Seven Septem

Eight Octo

Nine Novem

Ten Decem

Latin is everywhere!  There is a “burning bush” on the right side of the door when you come into school.  It’s Scientific Name is Euonymus alatus.  We know what that second word is: it’s wing!  So, we are giving birds their alatus this week!

This week we discovered the Trojan Horse.  We even got to go inside one to defeat the city of Troy! We love learning and are having a great time studying the Ancient Greeks!

I’m sorry I didn’t get last week’s newsletter to you in the folders.  It’s in here now! – Mrs. Sumner

Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2020!  Your currently-enrolled child does not need to reapply.  If you have friends who are interested, they can save $125 on the application fee by applying before January 1st.  Our tuition prices are:

Kindergarten: $3,300     First and Second Grades: $3,750    Third Grade: $3,850

October 18, 2019

We are learning many mnemonic devices to help us read and spell words.  Here is one of our stories:

        Where is

                                                                                                 her ______?

                                                                                         Is it here?

                                                                                  Or is it there?

Ask me about to, too, and two.  It sounds like this, but I have a great way to draw it:

I go to the store. Jack comes, too.  We buy two apples.

We have been really practicing clocks this week.  As we work on reading minutes, it is so tricky to see that the hour hand is always the number before, even when it is close to the next number.  The more you ask me to read analog clocks, the better!

We have had a blast reading Fairy Tales written by the Grimm brothers.  We have noticed that they are not at all like the ones on the cartoons or in the Disney books.  Snow White was very different. Little Red Riding Hood did not have a happy ending. But, Rapunzel and The Bremen Town Musicians were a little more like the familiar ones we’ve heard.

At lunch we have started etiquette practice.  We love it! We act like we’re in social situations and figure out the polite words and actions.  So far, we’ve accepted gifts that we were excited about, and gifts that we were not so excited about.  We’ve asked for someone on the phone. We’ve introduced ourselves. And, oops! We’ve re-introduced ourselves when we forgot someone’s name.  

Have you ever been curious about what we do at PE in the gym?  Here are just a few of our favorite games:

Pacman: Walk on the lines unless you get tagged.  Then you have to sit down in place, blocking the path for other walkers.

Duck-Duck-Goose: I bet you know how it feels to finally hear that “goose” while someone taps your head! 

Statues: If you have a bandana, you are still as can be.  But, if someone frees you by grabbing your bandana, you run around looking for someone to free. When you take the bandana, you’re still again. 

Hula-Hoop Soccer: Throw the hula hoop down the field or court.  Wait for it to stop and then stand in it. Lift it over your body and throw it again.  Can you reach the goal?

Oh!  And ask me about “Four Corners.”  And our most favorite: Being silly while doing laps!