Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are a gift of celebration and communication. Here’s how you can make the most of your time.

1. Find childcare for your child. We want this to be a free, safe space for collaboration without little ears being around. This is so important that your meeting time will be forfeited if a child attends with you.

2. Our first question will be: How have you seen your child grow in recent months? Take a few minutes of your drive to think about that.

3. Do you have questions for us? Is there something going on at home that will be helpful for us to know? Bring your questions and thoughts to the table.

4. Remember we are a partnership. We are here to support you as raise your child. We are for your little one, your family, and yes – even you!

5. Pray! We will be praying before the meeting and we will pray with you. We are well aware that the thriving of this school is only because of God’s Grace.