Why We Celebrate 100

First and Second Graders celebrated how God has given us friends
by working throughout the day on 100 piece puzzles.

God ordained many festivals throughout the year for His people to celebrate. The 100th day of school is one of ours. We don’t take the opportunity lightly; we want to give thanks for what God has given us and what He has done. We study Psalm 100 which reminds of that all these blessings come because of WHO God is. We laugh a lot. We play game after game after game. We enjoy each other. And, we… well, we think about how God has shined His light on us these 100 days, and how we might just shine, too.

We celebrate all the things God has allowed us to do during these 100 days.
Kindergarten celebrated the sweet gifts we have known during these 100 days.
Mrs. Sumner’s class measures 100 inches and gets all wrapped in joy!
We celebrated what God is building in our lives and in our school.
After counting out 100 marbles, the First and Second Grade students weighed them.
(They weighed one pound!)
Kindergartners took 100 steps and celebrated their “royal priesthood”
with 100 stickers on their crowns. (1 Peter 2:9)
First and Second Graders worked in teams to write 100 words.
We celebrated beautiful handwriting, fun choices, and the absolute delight of learning.
At snack time, we learned about blue whales which can be 100 feet long.
That made us hungry, so we made a whale-of-a-snack by pouring
in the 100 things we brought to share.
We celebrated speed, accuracy, attention, and laughter as we built our long centipede during PE.
These 100 days have been so fun for the Kindergarten class.
Today they made a fun gumball machine with 100 gumballs!
The highlight of the day was going on a number hunt around the building.

We took looking for these numbers very seriously.
All of us thought about what we will be doing when we are 100 years old: fishing, making coffee and sandwiches, resting, playing with grand-kids… no matter what God does in the next 100 days… or what He does in the next 100 years, we know that throughout our lives He will be faithful.