Spring Work at Home

I am so glad you get to spend time with your family for the next couple of weeks. But, I really miss you! I will be sending you a packet full of fun things this week. This journal will be in it! If you want to print it out now, go for it. If you want to wait until it comes to you, that’s OK, too. Page 1 is for kindergarten students; page 2 is for 1st graders; page 3 is for 2nd grade. If you are printing it, make sure you tell the printer which page is for you.

…Do you need ideas for your prayer journal? Well, at school we do it like this:

…Miracle Monday: What prayer requests are you laying before God? What are you asking him for?

…Translation Tuesday: Pray that God will help more people translate the Bible into other languages that don’t have the Bible, yet. Maybe one of these people will come from our school. While we’re thinking about careers and being a grown-up, let’s pray for what type of person (in your mind and heart) that you are going to be when you are an adult.

…Worshipful Wednesday: God, you are…

…Thankful Thursday: I am thankful for…

…Fabulous Friday: Jesus, be my light and let me shine for you!

Although I hope you are doing a lot in the kitchen and outside, here’s something fun I know you will love! Some of these songs will be brand new to you – but there are a few familiar ones as well! You will be learning more sign language, and you’ll be moving and dancing a lot.

Now here is a really fun song I would love for you to learn. Get ready to tap, clap, and snap! Well, if you can’t snap, yet… just pretend. Do the first part over-and-over so you know it well before it gets faster!

Send me pictures of what you are cooking, reading, building, and engineering!

And if you have a parent or grandparent on Facebook, tell them to watch for morning music videos AND Facebook Live, where I’ll check in with you each day.

With much love,

Mrs. Sumner