Tool Kit for the Month of April

Tool Kits are on their way! The students are going to practice and sharpen their skills through games and activities specifically designed for each grade level.

1. You do what is best for your family! An hour every morning or three hours on Saturday afternoon… or four activities spread throughout the day. You know what is going to be healthy for your child – and you! Finding the right rhythm takes a little time, but you’ll get there.

2. A big trend on social media is people recommending that parents focus on math and reading, and skip all the extras. NO-NO-NO! Not for us! I would love for you paint to beautiful music. I would love for you to build a blanket fort with your child. I would love for your child to build something with Legos while listening to a really good story. The purpose of this tool kit is to keep your child engaged in good skills… which are not limited to what is in the binder.

3. Even though everyone has the same “activity” list, some of the activities increase in difficulty as the grade level increases. So, if you have two students, you can work on the same projects and each student will have a little different content.

4. We practice four educational rhythms at our school One is Repetitio Mater Memoriae (Repetition is the Mother of Memory). That means we ask students to repeat the same tasks. I would suggest going through all the activities once and then repeating them all two more times. They are used to doing the same activities based on the days of the week. So, this will bring them comfort.

5. You might want/need to skip around a little. Feel free to pick-and-choose. You know what your child needs. The calendar page might take too long for today, so do the 100s stickers. Or skip the work all together because it’s so beautiful outside. When it rains tomorrow you can do more.

6. We often talk about things being “tools, not toys” thanks to a line from C.S. Lewis. Our students will live up to great responsibility when reminded that these things are tools, not toys. We’ll have more challenges and games for these tools in the coming weeks.

7. I also will be uploading more videos… and when enough is created, I’ll out DVDs to people who have no access to internet. So, keep your eyes and ears out for more content. Most of the things in here are things they have already done. The clocks with the dice are new to everyone, so I’ll be making a video about them. I will filming how to use the music cards. We’ve used these on the touch-screen, but they are going to love having their own cards. The “Lost Critters” game is very much like “Battleship”. I think it will make sense., But, if not, I’ll make a video for that, too.

8. “How much of this do you have to finish and how is my child going to be graded?” For now, don’t worry about that. Later in the month we will talk about how your child is doing. Let this be a fun thing. Work on it as you can – but don’t let it be an overbearing, stressful thing. If it is, your child will not enjoy it one bit. As I was creating this tool kit, I could see and hear the children in my mind. They are going to love it. Send me pictures!

-Mrs. Sumner

Here’s a video explaining more about what is in the tool kit and how to use it.