The Rain Forest Study

This year our school investigated plants. A special part of our studies was a multi-week journey through the rainforest. We learned about the products of the rainforest and how God made plants and animals to help each other. We even learned about Jim Elliot and the Aucas people (whose real name is Huaorani) in the rain forest of Ecuador.

Georgia O’Keeffe was our artist of the year. Each week we would study one of her paintings. While we were learning about the rainforest, we examined her tropical paintings. We read a book about a trip she took to Hawaii, and worked on examining plants close up so we could learn how to draw and paint details.

We tasted some tropical fruit, nuts, and of course – chocolate!

One of our favorite PE games was to play rain forest animals. We had to find the other animals in our families using only sounds.

As the kindergarten class read books about the rain forest, they made animals to fill their forest.

The kinder class worked together to make a huge alphabet anaconda!

They also worked on a multi-week project as the learned about each layer of the rain forest.

We read about, observed, and drew Bromeliads. Kinder students used triangles to recreate the gorgeous plants.

All our students studied maps of where the tropical rain forests are located.

First and Second Grade students built a huge rainforest as they studied each layer. They worked in teams to follow instructions about how to build trees. The trees of the emergent layer hold to the ground with buttress roots.

The students studied the amazing banana tree and how ferns grow.

We also read about orchids, a flower which doesn’t grow on the forest floor.

The final project! But did you notice that something is missing? The forest floor lays bare, waiting for mushrooms and two other types of plants. There just happened to be a pandemic as we were about to finish. Although we were caught unawares, we serve a God who was not!

Students loved the rain forest so much, they began creating their own at home! In all our creations, we were in awe of our Creator God who created such an amazing, beautiful world.