Needs LIST

We’ve included links to purchase some of these items. But, if you have a gently-used version sitting around your house that you would like to share, please do so! Let Mrs. Sumner know if there is something you are going to purchase and she will mark it off the list. THANK YOU!

  • Pilot G2 Pens 10 (yes, this is oddly specific-but it is the pen of choice for all our picky-pen teachers!) Amazon Link
  • Blue index cards Amazon Link
  • Bookshelves (We would love to have 4, but our intention is to have several more in the future) Amazon Link
  • A two drawer filing cabinet on wheels which locks and holds legal hanging files Amazon Link
  • Legal Sized Hanging Files (multiple sets) Amazon Link
  • Letter Sized Hanging Files (multiple sets) Amazon Link
  • File frame for Letter Sized filing Cabinet (3 sets) Amazon Link
  • Manilla File Folders Amazon Link
  • Pocket Pages Amazon Link
  • A Very Powerful(!!!) hand-held vacuum Amazon Link
  • We also need sturdy, streamlined teacher desks. Amazon Link
  • WE ALWAYS NEED printing paper! Amazon Link