First Day of School



Today was a cornucopia of friendship, music, laughter, and a little bit of buried treasure.  It was a perfect first day of school.


In Gathering we started studying the days of Creation.  We gave thanks for puppies, friends, and our school.  We learned our first element: Manganese.  We also learned a song about washing our hands and using a tissue when we sneeze.  Plus, we are learning body parts in Latin.


And then came a very special part: we celebrated the third grade students who are now in Upper Grammar School.  They got pens!  They will be using pens in their Institute for Excellence in Writing program so that they learn the process of editing.  They have worked hard and God has prepared them for great learning in third grade.


Math was busy! Indoor PE was fun!  We already got to work in Language Arts.  And, at lunch we read Treasure Island.


The afternoon was filled with even more good things.  Our teachers enjoyed the day just as much as we did.  They were so busy, they didn’t get a lot of photos, but here are some of our favorite pictures of our favorite first day.  Now, on to our favorite second day tomorrow!


PS. Mrs. Sumner enjoyed using the walkie-talkie when it was time to go home.  It took only 11 minutes for everyone to get in their cars!  Great job, grown-ups! Vroom-vroom!