Physics? Why, yes!

Dorthy Sawyer’s seminal essay, The Lost Tools of Learning, birthed the Classical Christian Education resurgence.  She examined how the three language Liberal Arts (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) can be used in how students develop at certain ages and can be shaped using tools appropriate to their development, interests, and well… how God created them to be.  We use these tools throughout the day, but even more so in teaching Science.  

All of our students study the same science concepts (and history as well) at the same time, but with grade level-appropriate challenges and activities. This fall, we are studying physics.  Our students memorize vocabulary and concepts through songs.  We make models, play games, and look for “real life” examples.  We have a volunteer guest teacher, Mrs. W., who plans amazing hands-on demonstrations to help put what we are learning into practice.  

Throughout all these fun ways of learning, we see that our students (even kindergarteners!) can have a robust understanding of physics.