Uniforms encourage a sense of community, teamwork, belonging, and identity. We want your child  to see they are part of something exciting, loving and worthy of respect.

Students are expected to dress in uniform whenever school is in session, and at any school events or field trips. Uniforms must be worn appropriately, and students are expected to maintain a tidy appearance. Parents are asked to monitor length and fit of school uniforms as students grow, and to make sure students are equipped with clothing that promotes full movement and comfort.

Uniforms do not need to be purchased from Lands’ End, but the styles MUST MATCH the offered styles on the Lands’ End list below. The Children’s Place provides many options. However, please note that the only shade of burgundy accepted must match Lands’ End.

Choices from Lands’ End include shirts and blouses in grey, burgundy, and white.

Skirts, dresses, and pants may be black or grey.

Jumpers may be grey or the Lands’ End burgundy and grey plaid.

Shoes should be solid white or black.

To purchase uniforms and view the full uniform options, click here for Lands’ End uniform store.

Our school’s number is 900167594.

For a complete look at our handbook’s uniform policy, click here: MCS Dress Code