A Day in the Life

7:45Welcome to school!  Listen to a piece of classical music while you start a calm and quiet morning. Hang up your jacket; put your lunch box and snack away.
8:00Morning Calm Work  Put together the thinking activity which is in your blue bucket.  Then, read to yourself.
8:15Gathering Listen to a book (or be the co-reader!).  Discuss the calendar. Edit the morning message.  Say the Pledge of Allegiance and pray for the day.
8:30Memory Work Dance, sing, and play games as you memorize Latin vocabulary and grammar.  Learn about a constellation. Read about Ancient Egypt. Practice retelling the history of the world.  Add another line to a poem you are memorizing.

 Friday Memory Presentations Enjoy watching your fellow students present the things they have memorized.  And then, enjoy your own time to present your hard work to an audience of people who love you.
8:45Wholistic Math  How many days have we been in school?  Represent that number through ten frames, words, the number, the Roman numeral, and tally-marks.  Show it on an abacus, through money, and place values. Measure it in inches. Then, Dance Break! Multiples are easy when you’re singing and dancing!  Keep moving as you sing and dance addition math facts!
9:00Whole Group Math Engage with numbers and ideas as your teacher teaches you games and allows you to practice as a class.  Keep your hands and mind busy!
9:10Math Rotations for Grade Levels     
Engineering Use tools to do one of three things: build a project by following a template, complete a challenge using your own creativity, or create something from your own imagination.      
Kinesthetic Practice Engage with  items to examine leveled math concepts.   
IXL Practice math skills on the touchscreen as a group or by yourself on the Chromebook.     
Development Deliver mail, color-by-number, read math books, or complete a puzzle.
9:40Grade Level Work     
1st: Singapore Math Workbooks      
K: Number Awareness Activities Move at a self-paced tempo through games, puzzles, and activities which reinforce already learned concept.
10:00Snack time! Chit-chat with your friends on the floor while you eat the snack you brought from home.
10:15Bible Study Hear (or read!) a story from the Bible.  Learn a verse as you sing. Talk about who God is and pray together.
10:30Communication  Practice speaking to someone using great eye contact, a clear voice, and appropriate body movement as you role play social situations.
10:35PE  Gym time!  Basketball, soccer, balancing skills, games, and exercise!  Have fun while you learn rules, teamwork, and endurance. If it’s nice outside, we might go to the field!
10:55Story Time Take a minute to rest and listen to a short book.
11:00Sight Words Practice sight words and diagram a sentence.
11:10Time with the Teacher Meet with the teacher and a few friends to study phonics as you read through the McGuffey readers.

 Individual Language Arts Rotations (going on while other groups are with the teacher) 
Puzzle Bag Become a stronger reader by practicing phonics, alphabet, and language skills with something in your hands.  
 Blue Folder Your folder has something just for you to work on!  It may be a work page, or it may be something to cut and glue.  Don’t worry if you don’t finish. You can work on it tomorrow.
11:45Group Language Arts Rotations
Travel around the game board with your Language Arts team. What is your mystery word?  What is in your puzzle packet?  Can you find the pictures that go with these words?  What sentence will you make with the vitamin words? What is your book about?
12:10Handwriting and Kinesthetic Learn D’Nealian handwriting and practice with accuracy. Also practice creativity and fine motor skills through fun tangables like Playdoh and stickers.
12:30Lunch from home!  Listen to a beautiful piece of literature such as a fairy tale or a fable from Aesop.  We’ll even be reading some really long stories we can’t finish in a day. You’ll be able to learn about the characters, story arc, setting, and meaning of the story.
1:15Clean Up & Library  Help take care of what God has given us as you help clean our space. When you’re done, you can read a book from our library.
1:25Rest Practice being still on your rug. Put your rug away when you hear the Grammar Framework.  Join in the chant as you memorize it.
1:35Recess! Take care of each other on the playground.  Be daring, but safe. (If it’s a beautiful day, we might stay outside a really long time!)
2:00Art and Science Learn about animals while you read books, draw,  create creatures, or paint.
2:30Orff Music and Movement  Read, play, recognize, and move to music! Learn the music to Peter and the Wolf.
2:44Clean Up. Pack Up. Circle Up. Pray Up.
2:45Time to go home and celebrate a fun day of learning!  While you wait for your family we’ll play games, do floor puzzles, and read books.
See you tomorrow! But wait!  What if it’s a Friday?… 
It will be a Fabulous Friday!  That means our schedule is a little different depending on what we’re doing.  Maybe we will go on a walk in the woods, or do a very messy science experiment, or cook.  We might play with our robot! You just never know what is going to happen on a Fabulous Friday! One thing for certain: you can take off your shoes while we’re inside. Yippee!

Other things to look forward to:

World Culture Day

Christmas Program

Valentine’s Banquet for Loved Ones

Actiones Secundum Fidei Week (Week of Community Service Projects)

The Day of the Kings and Queens Royal Festival

Celebratio: End of the Year Exhibition and Performance